How to Paint with Watercolors in Artrage- #3- Layers

How to Paint with Watercolors in Artrage- #3- Layers

Here’s the link to the Pen-Only Toolbar I’m using in the videos. It’s free and available for public download.

Here’s a link to the thread in the Artrage forum dedicated solely to the Toolbar.!&p=427905#post427905

Interested in more on digital watercolors?
Visit my thread at the Artrage forums on Watercolor WIPs- OR
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3rd part of a series of video tutorials I’m doing. This is for Artrage 3.5 users who have some experience with the program, but would like to better understand how to get results that look more like natural media watercolors. I go over the usage of Layers in my painting process in this video.


  1. Hi. Yes AR does have a Smudge tool– it's the Palette Knife. IMO, the Palette Knife and its assortment of Blenders are one of the main reasons I still stay with AR– that and it's easy and smooth application of canvas textures that affect brush input. The Knife has many many settings that work on media other than Oils. Click on it and open up the Settings Pod. Look at the various icons and explore, in particular, the far right set of settings and the middle set. Hope that helps!

  2. HI! This was great!! c: Does Artrage have a smudge tool…? I cant seem to find one when I'm drawing with a pencil.

  3. Dastan, that's great to hear. I'm very glad these tutorials are helping people out. If you're interested in the toolbar I'm often using, it's now available for people to download and try out too. The link will be up in the description. Thanks again for the feedback. It's always really great to hear from others.

  4. Hi Stephen! I am so so so much thankfull for your tutorials, in fact they are the best vids ever that helped me improve my artrage skills. thank you so much! hope to see more videos about digital watercolor;-)

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