How To Paint Your Car with Colour Matched Spray Cans

How To Paint Your Car with Colour Matched Spray Cans

In this episode, Marty and MOOG show you how to paint parts using colour matched paint from a can.

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  1. My boyfriend said he would do this for me, but it's been a while…I'm just going to do it myself! 😛 Thanks for the easy, and well made tutorial. (Coming from someone who fears any type of self car fix) Wish me luck- I'm doing it today!~

  2. I'm painting a quarter panel that came online. So I prime a bunch then sand? then base coat, then sand? then clear coat? and what the hell is a cutting compound?

  3. In theory: What would happen if I had a can of color-matched paint, and just sprayed in on my car? Like, no sanding, priming, nothing. Just spray it on my car. What would it look like? I wonder if there is a video of someone who did this. Thanks!

  4. hi love the vide pretty funny okay i just cleand my car on the ouside but i noticed littel black spots so a scrub it of whit a kitchen sponge stupid of me now a weared of the paint a littel do you have any hints if its anyone who knows its you guys

  5. Hey fellas, I have watched every video you have made and I love what you guys do, I have watched a few videos of yours for guidance on my car.The push start button, tacho and others but recently I watched this video on spray can paint, after watching it I felt ballsy enough to try it myself and it actually worked out great.I appreciate the time you guys take to make these videos, keep it up guys love you work.

  6. Thx for the instructions! I kinda kissed a street lantern with my 2001 Alfa Romeo's arse, so I gotta change some parts and paint em. It'd be suuuuuper helpful if you'd do a video on how to change parts of your car!

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