How to Pet your Bird correctly ?- Part 1

How to Pet your Bird correctly ?- Part 1

Petting your bird is not as easy as it seems , but it is more percise and delicate than one thinks. It branches into three main elements : Where to pet your bird , how to pet your bird & how long to pet your bird . There is a downside of petting your bird Unfortunately, people often accidentally stroke their pet birds in a manner that the parrots finds sexually stimulating. The result can be high levels of frustration that can manifest in a variety of negative behaviors, such as serious aggression, excessive screaming and feather destruction.

It is not usually difficult to judge if cockatoos are getting excited, as many pet birds pant when they are being petted — clear evidence of sexual stimulation. The rule of thumb for petting adult pet birds is to stick to the head, and totally avoid stroking down the back, tail, or elsewhere on the bird’s body. Once again: Stick to the head.

In reality, people want to pet animals because it makes people feel good. Studies done in the 80s proved that petting an animal actually lowers the blood pressure of the person doing the petting. To our delight, dogs seem to enjoy being petted, so this is a clear example of a symbiotic relationship, with both parties benefiting from the behavior. Nevertheless, parrots are totally different from dogs, and their differences must be understood and respected.

If your parrot loves to be petted, make certain you are not inadvertently sending a sexual message to it. Make very sure your relationship involves wonderful games, tricks and foraging, rather than just that of stroker and strokee. Parrots are much too intelligent and complex to be satisfied over the long term with a relationship that only entails being petted.

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  1. thanks. my bird was exhibiting signs that it wanted to mate with me. i was petting him/her on the lower back and allot.

  2. Hello parrot whisperer, my parakeet is very uptight. Is there anyway to make him relax so I can pet and interact with him without getting bit?

  3. Mr.Parrot Whisperer, I need your help. My parakeet, Freddy (Fred Fred for short), is afraid of his own millet. I don't know why. When i tell him to step up he steps up. But when i try to feed him millet he jumps on the bar of his cage. Btw his wings are clipped. Sa after he goes back down on his perch and i tell him to step up, he just stands there. Sometimes he even bites. Another thing with my parakeet is when i take him outside of the cage and i put him on the floor, he runs and tries to fly to the cage(well he fails cause remember his wings are clipped). Please help me!! He is only 10 weeks old and i had him for 1 week and 4 days. Thanks

    A subscriber,

  4. my parakeets are  always scared of me whenever i go near their cage and both of them run into the nesting box and its very difficult and to remove the box plz help and they sometimes sit puffed up plz answer  in the starting days one of them let me touch them but now they dont even come out of their cage

  5. thank you SO MUCH for sharing this.
    I would really love to get a parrot in the future, but since I've never had one I wanted to be prepared first, and I really needed to know how to pet it correctly! Thanks again!

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