How To Photograph Interiors With Auto HDR on Sony Cameras

How To Photograph Interiors With Auto HDR on Sony Cameras

In this demonstration, photographer Gary Fong shows how to use multi frame auto high dynamic range for interiors with a huge exposure difference between the window and the interior.

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  1. Hi. What I would like to know is Hi, whether the Auto HDR mode on the A7R II camera, can it do EV+3, EV0, EV-3 ? Or is it just one stop + and one stop – ? Thanks.

  2. Hi Gary, I just purchased 3 light spheres for shooting residential real estate. What lens would you recommend that I use with the A6000? Thanks! John

  3. While I thank you for taking the time to make this video, I have to say that the results are not very good. Not fault of yours, Gary, but more just a statement about the auto HDR functionality. If I tried to deliver an image like that to my real estate clients, they would never hire me again.

  4. that didnt look good at all. exposure was way too low for the interior. Truth is, there still isnt a camera that does "good" in camera hdr.

  5. I would just expose for the window and use a fill flash. You wouldn't even need a tripod and the photo comes out better.

  6. Thanks for the tips.  just one quick question, when I take pictures in HDR auto mode, there are 2 pictures in memory card for one shot, is it normal?

  7. A quick question, which has more overall dynamic range, using auto HDR or just shooting in RAW and adjusting everything in Lightroom

  8. Were those lights broken or did you not know how to set your video shutter speed to sync with the light frequency there?

  9. That is a very good hint! I always had the problem with the highlights, but now i know what to do. Thank you Gary!

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