How to photograph mushrooms in the woods

How to photograph mushrooms in the woods

This is by no means a master class for professionals but I’m trying to encourage amateur photographers to get out and have some fun with their cameras.

Equipment used:
Canon 1300D –
Hama Tripod –

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  1. Very nice. That's why I won't buy a tripod without a reversible center column. It's far too versatile to do without. I even modified a junk Sunpak tripod to allow reversing the "center column" using a long piece of threaded rod, a length of PVC pipe and a coupler nut.

  2. I m planning to Upgrade Photography kit and my Studio Equipment… I have Currently Nikon D90, D200,D750 cameras along with 2.8 nikon 18.55mm, 70.300mm, 50mm prime as well as i have ELINCHROM fx 400r1 lights .I want to shoot Indoor & outdoor portraits , Fashion , newborn baby ,wedding, Product shoots & Events Photos so that Please Suggest me New Canon Camera kit with different lenses , Speed lights and studio lights.

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