How to photograph stars and photoshop an astrophotography image

How to photograph stars and photoshop an astrophotography image

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In this free tutorial, Patrick Hall shows you some basic camera settings and photoshop tricks to produce a dramatic astrophotography image with both ambient light and stars in the sky.


  1. Might be a bit ignorant, but how come all of your foreground AND the stars are in focus when you shot so wide? When you said you were shooting at 2.8 I expected some of the image to be out of focus.

  2. That's a great photo! I love it. I love the flashes job you have done to mix it all on one picture. Great job dude!

  3. this is gonna be a silly question but i bought a biiiiiiiiig telefoto lens for my nikon camera the 650 to 1300 mm can i capture stars with this photo lens using a tripod of course.the moon i shot it quite good.
    i intend to go for the sammyang but was wondering

  4. A lot of astro/landscape photographer focus on infinity to get sharp stars and rely on hyperfocal distance to keep nearer stuff in focus (pretty easy with a super wide like 15mm).

  5. With all the stacking and blending shouldn't the stars be at different positions in the sky making everything weird?

  6. I only got the nikon 18-105 Kit lens and no exepnsive pro lightsource Is it possible to get such great results with no expensive professional equipment ? :)

  7. Fabulous Patrick …. really enjoyed this and the final image beautiful … certainly would be great printed large ….

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