How To Pick The Best Belt For Your Outfit | 6 Belt Wearing Tips

How To Pick The Best Belt For Your Outfit | 6 Belt Wearing Tips

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In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of and, talks about how to pick the best belt for your outfit. Knowing what belt to choose can be the difference between a looking great and looking like a guy who doesn’t have a clue in regards to style.

Belts, when chosen properly, are an amazingly stylish and finishing touch to a great outfit. A cool and coordinated belt can add subtle detail to your look. You can showcase your individual taste, personality, preference, and flair; howver, making sure you chose an appropriate, stylish, and coordinating belt is essential. Aaron Marino of alpha m. presents how to pick the best belt for your outfit with these six belt wearing tips.
Belt Wearing Tips

1. Know the difference between casual and dress belts – dress belt is length of thumb to the 1st knuckle (1 inch and 1/2). If it’s wider than that, it’s casual. Make sure the shoes coordinate to the belt in terms of dress level.

2. Buckle – go simple, subtle, and understated unless you’re a ‘cowboy’ or ‘rock star’.

3. Stick to the three main colors – black, brown, and tan. Bright and bold work in certain situations. Fabric belts can be more playful because of the casual nature, however.

4. Match belt color to shoes – Alpha discusses how to match antiquing and distressing shades of shoes to the belt.

5. Buy one size larger than your waist size – Alpha gives examples. Belts have 5 holes, go for the center 3. If you are on the ends, go up or down accordingly.

6. Wear leather – there is no other option. Synthetic belts suck! When you think of leather, do you think of cow? 90% of leather belts in the stores are made from tanned cow-hide. However, ‘leather’ means any tanned and processed animal skin. Alpha covers other types of leather: crocodile, eel, ostrich, shark, and hippo. Alpha was recently introduced to a company, Alexander Dallas, who makes exotic leather belts. He was blown away by their cool belts. He loves the patterns and textures which add subtle detail and dimension that cow belts cannot. The price tag is around 0, but they are hand-crafted with unique leather. Alexander Dallas is offering 10% off with BADASSBELT at checkout. Matching wallets are available too!


  1. How about a video on vegan belts and dress shoes because I know there are people out there that would like that.

  2. I love your videos. You have honestly help me elevate my sense of style and that has had an enormous impact on my confidence levels. You're pretty much my style guru lol Thank you so much for helping me better my life.

    P.S bought a pair of double monk straps from ALDOS because of one of your videos and I have literally never loved any shoe as much as I love those. Great recommendation.

  3. As a fan I'm a little dissapointed with this video! I don't think advertising belts made from endangered animals puts you in a good light! Not cool man..

  4. I'm almost about go ditch this guy- sometimes he is racist but here dumbass hippos and sharks r endangered. only an insecure douchebag will wear these

  5. wow what a son of a bitch. Unsubscribed immediatly after seeing you buying and even promoting crocodile and hippo leather. You have to be a complete ignorant fucktard to buy something like that.

  6. Thanks for all the informative videos! Where can I obtain that sweet belt rack at the beginning of your video?

  7. Could not do anything but subscribe right away. You are so cool and your delivery content is awesome will definiently be checking out your other videos

  8. I saw a belt with a gold buckle at the beginning of your video. I've been going crazy trying to find one. Do you have any tips for brands/stores? (Preferably online because I live in The Netherlands)

  9. Don't forget about your burgundy/oxblood dress belts! I think those go really well with a navy suit/burgundy or oxblood dress shoes

  10. I picked up 2 custom made leather belts from a little shop In the south of France, they're pricey at about £40 or $60 each but they will last a life time, worth the investment

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