How To Plan a Trip To Las Vegas

How To Plan a Trip To Las Vegas

I give advice on which hotel to stay in when visiting Las Vegas, which airline to fly when going to Las Vegas, where to eat in Vegas, and where to gamble in Vegas as well as many other ways to save money in Vegas. My advice is based of my my extensive research on every casino and hotel as well as every possible casino promotion to save you the most money possible. Las Vegas is one of the best tourist destinations in the world.

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  1. Please go over your script a bit better because you kept saying "so". Almost every second word was "so". At least you didn't say Y'all but it was still annoying to listen to.

  2. If you live in California, it's a lot cheaper to fly to Vegas than it is compared to Texas because it's a lot shorter flight…..

  3. You got 2 comped nights at The Wynn? That is almost unheard of! You are the MAN!!!!!Plaza,MSS down town are a great value.

  4. Happy anniversary!
    Las Vegas is awesome! You should check out Red Rock Canyon and the Hoover Dam sometime. I've been to the "gate" at Area 51 also, but It wasn't really worth the drive from Vegas. 

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