How to Plan a Trip to South America

How to Plan a Trip to South America

Meet Leo & learn how he plans his travel to South America with This animated short video explains how Leo and his family work with a travel expert at to create a dream vacation to Peru, Argentina, and Brazil — including flights, tours, guides, hotels, transfers, meals — you name it! is a tour company that specializes in 4* & 5* trips to South America. You can design the perfect vacation package that includes all the destinations you’re interested in, and then our travel experts take care of all the details. After watching the video, find out how to plan a trip to South America by creating a custom South America tour here.

WHAT DID I FORGET | How To Plan & Pack For A Trip

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  1. As far as spontaneous hikes go, especially in the warmer months, Chaco's are excellent sandals for that, and daily wear! =)

  2. Alli!! Ok, this is weird, but…i love the way you move your mouth when you speak hahaha it is funny. Did somebody told you before?

  3. holy gorgeousness! love love love your hair like this Alli. give that straightener a break! you are a total knock out!

  4. Alli, you're such an inspiration to me. Someday I want to be able to travel like you, you're such a free spirt and down to earth at the same time. I truly believe you're a strong female role model for me and many other girls <3

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