How To Play Basketball

How To Play Basketball

Ray Allen 2:00 (Jump Shot); Kobe Bryant 4:05 (All); Bruce Bowen 9:26 (Defense); Bob Knight 11:42 (Help Defense); Chris Mack 13:50 (Defense); Michael Jordan 15:42 (All); Steve Nash 45:18 (Dribbling Drill); Dwyane Wade 45:44 (Crossover Dribble); Dwight Howard 52:07 (Rebounding); Ben Wallace 55:00 (Rebounding); Tim Duncan 56:34 (Using the Backboard); LeBron James 1:00:35 (Scoring); Isiah Thomas 1:06:09 (All)


  1. this video is the best to learn how to play i am so glad you upload I love basketball and i used to be in classes but I quit because I finish school so….. but i learn so much in that time I LOVE THIS VIDEO

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