How to Play Basketball : How to Become a Better Shooter

How to Play Basketball : How to Become a Better Shooter

In order to become a better basketball shooter, a player should get his elbow in, he should line up with his hips square, and he should release from his fingertips. Work on a heel-toe relationship in basketball shooting with help from an athletic trainer in this free video on playing basketball and basketball skills.

Expert: DW Walker
Bio: DW Walker, an alumna of Manhattanville College, spent her collegiate career as a varsity basketball and softball player while student training in both the sports medicine and strength and conditioning
Filmmaker: David Pakman


  1. I like this video I want to learn how to play basketball better she is good but I want to learn from the beginning I do not care what nobody say she is really good thank you for this video you are setting example for others I am a woman who want to learn more about this video can you help me thank you ma'am 😉 😉 😉 ;-)

  2. I want to try to get into the basketball tryouts at my school but I'm afraid to tryout and find a lot of people there better than I am. What should I do? Anyone please answer if you want I really need the advice and school starts in a month and I am already worrying about this now!

  3. I know I'm a noob cause I don't know how to play basketball but I never have, I play baseball and soccer instead

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