How to Play Cajon – Cajon Groove Guide

How to Play Cajon - Cajon Groove Guide

The Cajon is one of the most fun and versatile instruments out there. Here’s my step-by-step beginner’s guide to playing some grooves on the cajon. I’m sure you’ll have a lot of fun getting started with the cajon and playing your music.

You can download your own copy of the Cajon Groove Guide here:

Cajon Groove Guide Chapters:
1: Getting Started 1:40
2: Basic Rock Beat 3:54
3: Groove Variations 7:20
4: Using Fills 9:36
5: More Ideas 11:43

Thanks for checking out my video! I’m all about rhythm and sharing drumming ideas, if that sounds like something you’d like to be part of then be sure to subscribe to my channel. I’m looking forward to making my next video, I’ll see you then!

Presented by Ross McCallum
Filmed by Edward Hartely

About My Channel:
I like to make tutorials for the cajon. Whether it’s a basic rhythm or something more complex, I do my best to share it here on YouTube. Thanks for checking out my channel and feel free to ask questions!


  1. Hey Ross, I have to say thank you! I bought my first cajon and this was one of the first three tutorials I watched! You really inspired me! Keep sending out inspiration to all the cajon drummers!

  2. Hello Ross. Great video. Any advice on how to get the best strumming on the cajón? I'm a first timer so I don't know anything about yet, but I'm getting my cajón real soon. Thanks

  3. Hi thanks for the great videos you are brilliant musician. I have been druming for years and want to buy my first cajon, what would you recommend the cheapest but best value for money? Just as a start. Thanks mate

  4. Hi man , i just bought a Cajon yesterday and i love reggae but it seems to be very hard to play reggae on the Cajon ? Maybe can you make a guide ? :D

  5. Hi! I really want to purchase a Cajon but I don't have hundreds to spend on one. Would an LP City Series Black Box Cajon (~$90-$130) be good to start with?

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