How to play drink a beer ( By Luke Bryan, Written by Chris Stapelton

How to play drink a beer ( By Luke Bryan, Written by Chris Stapelton

My first instructional video of “Drink a beer” by Luke Bryan, written by Chris Stapleton.

Hope this helps… Please checkout my cover of this song Here


  1. Thanks so much for sharing! I'm somewhat of a beginner too so anything that's easier to learn helps and you did it! You have talent keep it up 

  2. Hey Dude !

    I have to thank you for that, cause I had the chords, but I looked for the rythmic !
    Obivously, I love country music, and this one could be the first I know to play now ! Because of you ! Haha !
    Actually I know how to play "Zombie" (The Cranberries), Youth (Daughter), Hurt (Johny Cash's version), and The Last Pale Light In The West (Ben Nichols), and I'm working to learn to play Springsteen (Eric Church), Tornado (LTB), and I don't know, cause I'm not really good with the barre chords…

    Well, Thank you DUDE !!

  3. I promised a friend I would learn to play this song however, I am fairly new to the guitar and I am having trouble with a couple of things. First and foremost is the timing of the strum pattern. Next is the fingering for the "D" chord. I am unsure as to how you did it.

  4. This is a good video man good job, it's gonna help me out. My cousin and childhood friend died suddenly about 8 days ago in a motorcycle accident and he liked this song a lot. I used to play guitar and got to where I could casually play through all of Crazy Train and was learning Sweet Child of Mine before I suddenly quit for some reason years ago and started singing exclusively. I want to overcome that huge difficulty with singing and playing at the same time now that I'm a lot better at singing that I ever was. I know it'll take a lot of practice, but I want to learn this so I can visit the crash site again, with my guitar in hand, and play this song for him

  5. Very good video. Strumming is the hardest part….I am 2 months into learning…..and being able to play a song is what keeps me Interested…. I was playing this song with a D D D U D U pattern….and its sounded pretty good. I'm gonna try this one…probably take me a week to get the pattern down Haha…..

  6. Strumming is the harder part to me. I was trying it as a D D D U D U and it sounds OK…IMA try urs… I'm 2 months Into playing….being able to play something keeps u interested… I'll learn more advanced stuff as I master the beginning stuff….ur video is very helpful. ..I'll subscribe 

  7. I'm picking my guitar up today and I ordered some strings and they should be here by the weekend.. I haven't played the guitar in almost 20 yrs so I'm going to give this song a try.. Hopefully I'll be able to pick bk up on playing quick cause I use to love playing.. Which I've never aged a acoustic it was always the electric and I played heavy rock so it's going to be a big change for me.. After I get this song down can u do a tutorial on some Aaron Lewis songs like country boy? 

  8. Hey bud keep it up…its hard to keep playing everyday…at least for me but I do pick up my guitar every now and then…feels like ive lost some of the touch…I need to stay on top of playing a little everyday…look forward to some more of your tutorials! 

  9. Any chance you could do the intro to the song note for note? I'm having issues with it. I have the chords down just fine.  I realize their playing the verse chords, just variations of them.  Do you know what they are? 

  10. I LOVE it!! You're the best one i've found on this song!! Thanks soo much!! I cant wait to get new strings on my guitar so i can learn this song!!!

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