How To Play Guitar for beginners – Learn to play in just a few hours

How To Play Guitar for beginners - Learn to play in just a few hours

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This course takes you right from complete guitar beginner stage and doesn’t require any knowledge of music whatsoever. All you need is a guitar in your hands and we’re ready to go.

Download the complete beginners acoustic guitar course just £16.66 plus VAT if you live in the UK.
Nick Minnion (a.k.a. the Secret Guitar Teacher) has been teaching guitar for over 35 years. Here he gives a demonstration of how beginners to guitar can impress their friends in just a few hours with his superb easy to learn fast track beginners guitar course for complete beginners. The course covers the following topics:

1. Name the parts of the guitar
2. Understand the names and numbers of the strings and frets
3. Understand fingering rules and conventions for each hand
4. Make nice clean sounding notes and chords
5. Tune the guitar by ear as well as by tuning machine
6. Read guitar tab that will allow you access to the millions of songs available on internet guitar tab sites.
7. Link notes together in musical phrases, riffs and licks
8. Lay the foundations of good lead guitar technique and proper coordination between right and left hands
9. Develop speed without sacrificing quality
10. Play the ‘Beginners Boogie’ a fun tune that’s nice and easy to play
11. Play chords and how to read different types of chord diagram
12. Change quickly from one chord to another
13. Use the metronome to develop good time-keeping from the outset.

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