How to Play Piano (For Beginners) – Lesson 1

How to Play Piano (For Beginners) - Lesson 1

Hi there! My name is Amir Khostavan and I’ve been teaching the piano to students of all ages for the last 7 years. I own and operate a music school in Los Gatos, California called Tavan Music Academy


I created Allegro Lane to help not only my students, but aspiring piano players all over the world! In my 7 years of teaching privately, I’ve been able to really focus on what’s important in the overall instruction of the piano, what works, what doesn’t work and much more. I’ve had a lot of success with my students in private instruction, and hope to bring the same to you through Allegro Lane!

Allegro Lane’s website is currently under construction but I couldn’t wait to get these videos out for you to try. There are 5 in total, each roughly 15 minutes, and they cover everything regarding basic piano instruction. In short, if you were learning the Alfred of Bastien books, these 5 videos would be the equivalent of Level 1 and part of Level 1B.

Please comment and subscribe as I will be posting instructional videos in the future on how to play popular songs on the piano, get guests to talk about how they approach their respective instruments, and much more! Happy learning!

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