How To Play Spanish Guitar New Flamenco Gipsy Kings style – Lesson 3 – Mini Course

How To Play Spanish Guitar New Flamenco Gipsy Kings style - Lesson 3 - Mini Course

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Here’s the 3rd video in this Spanish New Flamenco guitar series. We are getting into the melody here. In the last one (coming soon) we’ll put it all together.

If you haven’t seen the first few videos I recommend you go back and watch it.

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New flamenco is a term I use for the style of music like Gipsy Kings and Ottmar Liebert. Other terms that have been used for this music are new world flamenco, nuevo flamenco, Nouveau Flamenco (termed by Ottmar Liebert), and new age world fusion spanish guitar music (that was a mouth full).

Other artist known for this style include Jesse Cook, Al Marconi, Johannes Linstead, Govi, Strunz and Farah, Armik, Benise, Oscar Lopez…and so many other excellent artists that I couldn’t possibly name them all.

I created this simple song using a flamenco rumba style of rhythm and a fairly typical chord progression. I’m using this tune to teach the basic elements of playing the style of music. It includes a flamenco chord progression, flamenco rumba strum, and a new flamenco style melody.

This lesson does assume that you know how to play basic chords and bar chords.

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