How to play table tennis – Block

How to play table tennis - Block

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Join table tennis superstar Georgina Pota as she teaches you how to hit her famous block in ITTF’s how to play table tennis series!

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  1. excellent video with slow motion and graphic and step by step explanation, can't ask for more! much appreciate, looking forward for more good video!

  2. Dear ITTF, This is hugely disappointing. I am an ITTF level 2 Certified Coach and went through the Level 2 training with Philip Molodzof using the Advanced ITTF Manual. There are 6 different kinds of block on Stroke Card 8. The block is not always a defensive stroke as shown by the Active Block description which aggressively redirects the opponents incoming speed and spin. I don't understand how you take all that time to develop such a  wonderful resource and then let whoever wrote the dialogue for this video ignore all of it and make statements which do not reflect the Advanced Manual. You really need to use your own resources! Shame on you. To all of you reading this, don't waste your time watching any more of these, get the ITTF Advanced Manual and read how to do it properly. One should never bring the racquet back to neutral position but it should flow to the next anticipated stroke starting point. Look up Barney Reed Senior's article of the ready/neutral position on Newgy's website.

  3. I like the mention of bringing the bat back to center, that way you can switch to backhand if necessary. Great video!

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