How To Play Table Tennis – Forehand Topspin

How To Play Table Tennis - Forehand Topspin

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Join table tennis superstar Marcos Freitas as he teaches you how to hit his famous forehand topspin in ITTF’s how to play table tennis series!

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  1. We Need A Right handed version ASAP, they must be really crazy to put a left handed verision where 90% of people are Right handed.

  2. It doesn't get any better than this, thank you! Also, it's great to have instructions catering for us lefties for a change!

  3. Couldn't you like mirror the video in editing for us right handed players and upload it as a private video which is linked from this video's description? That seems a lot easier than mentally mirroring the video as you're watching it.

  4. Very nice video. Would like it if these videos would be published in different languages, so we can show them to the younger players too

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