How to Play Table Tennis: Returning Serve

How to Play Table Tennis: Returning Serve

In this video, 11 times Welsh Champion and Commonwealth Gold Medal winner Ryan Jenkins, shows us how to return serve effectively, whether you’re faced with topspin, backspin or side spin.

Enjoy our series of coaching videos aimed at beginners to intermediate level players, looking to hone their skills in the game.

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  1. I play tabletennis at a high level. Its not really good to return the pendelum serve like he did. The opponent attacks instantly. Try to put alooooot of backspin on the return insted. The opponent is now forced to not attack.

  2. Wouldn't most coaches recommend that if a serve is long, you should attack in most cases?  I never push long serves back.  That means your opponent can have the first attack, which is bad.

  3. What if my opponent serve sidespin to my left and I'm right-handed, How I supposed to return ? Because when I returned, the ball went out of the table

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