How to play table tennis – Service Receive

How to play table tennis - Service Receive

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Join table tennis superstar Michael Maze as he teaches you how to hit his famous service receive in ITTF’s how to play table tennis series!

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  1. Statistically there're more right handed players and you decided to make the videos for left handed? a giant WTF?!

  2. I agree with @dfunkt, you could use general terms and make these a tad easier to understand for all handed-ness.

  3. these videos are great!…but one huge suggestion: instead of saying "these are for left-handers, if you are right-handed use this video as a mirror", why don't you just use generalized statements throughout the voiceover? e.g.: 1:09 could be "make one step with the foot you hold your paddle in toward the table" (also you might add an aside "you should always step into the table with your paddlehand foot, so you can cover as much table as possible"). anyhow, my point is, it is more likely to be confusing to stupid people as it is currently written.

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