How to Play Tennis – Forehand Pivot and Shoulder Turn

How to Play Tennis - Forehand Pivot and Shoulder Turn

The first step of the tennis forehand is the pivot and shoulder turn. You execute this step as soon as you realize the tennis ball is coming to your forehand. The pivot and the shoulder turn is also how your tennis racket starts to come back by virtue of the shoulder turn.

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  1. are you able to do tennis analysis??
    like i send you footage of my form and can you criticize it for me?? ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. nice FYB i just realize that even that this video its so long how to learn in perfect forehand..but this is good for all tennis fanatic..

  3. hello

    i can hit spin balls deep but i can,t give power on the spin balls what i have top do to generate more power on the ball.?

  4. This is a very good forehand fundamental repair movement. I noticed I already do this shoulder rotation on my backhand, thus backhand is a lot better. I will definately benefit from applying this preparatory movement, Thanks for the pointer!

  5. seems to be working now. Very strange. I am now accessing your videos via your website it is a lot more informative. Btw thank you very much for the efforts in making these videos and the website. These are a goldmine for a beginner like me :).

  6. I hope this helps, i think i've been arming the ball, instead of turning my body, and as a result a lot of my balls fly!

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