How to Play Tennis like Serena Williams | Tennis

How to Play Tennis like Serena Williams | Tennis

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Taking up tennis? Learn how to play tennis like Serena Williams with this online tennis lesson.

Hi, my name is Angelina Zdorovytska. Right now we’re in the beautiful city of Los Angeles in Beverly Hills. I started playing tennis when I was 7 years old. I was ranked number 1 tennis player in the Ukraine. 350 in the world ranking. I run my own business; it’s I train very good players. Also, I train beginners, intermediate players. Tennis is my life and my passion. I live for it and now I would like to talk to you about tennis. And now how to play tennis like Serena Williams. As you know she’s very strong and she is a very tall girl, also very good hindrance. The way she plays tennis, she’s hitting the ball really, really hard. Hardly ever missing anything and she is going to the net a lot as well. Her serve is really strong; I believe she serves about a 130 miles an hour. So if you want to play tennis like Serena Williams, you’ve got to be strong, you’ve have to be fit, fast, faster feet. On a tennis court have everything including baseline shots, volleys, overhead and serve to finish the point. So this girl is very aggressive, moving really well, can hit any shot you want. So for you to play like her, you’re going to have all those components together.


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