HOW TO PLAY TENNIS | The Best Ready Position For You

HOW TO PLAY TENNIS | The Best Ready Position For You

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Learning how to play tennis has a lot to do with how you hold the racquet in the ready position. Once you get the grip right, the next step is to have a proper tennis ready position. Holding the racquet correctly with both hands directly impacts how well you make your first move especially on the forehand side.

I have noticed that many women on the WTA tour do not have a dominating forehand and one of the reasons is because of how they start in the tennis ready position.

It all starts with the fundamentals when learning how to play tennis.

One of the main fundamentals that can help the forehands of many women pros as well as recreational and junior players is being able to easily create space on your first move.

And the problem with spacing starts with how you start in the tennis ready position. Often, women pros start with both hands held together on the grip when waiting for the ball.

When they make their first move on the forehand for this position, they can;t always get the proper spacing on the first move.

Interestingly, the most of the top male pros don’t start in the tennis ready position like this.

When learning how to play tennis, I prefer to have players start with their off hand holding the throat of the racquet.

This generates lots of space when you create the first move on your forehand.

Next time you are out on the court or are just learning how to player tennis, try keeping your off hand on the throat on your first move..

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  1. Check out what Ana Ivanovic does.  She has both hands on the racquet but takes her right hand out wide on her unit turn, kind of reaching out to the right as she makes her unit turn.  Not a bad way to do it but maybe it takes a bit more time to make your unit turn this way?

  2. Men like to make lots of quick bicep motions in an enclosed room where nobody is watching. If you know what I mean.

  3. You should do a video on the return of serve styles. Like how some pros step, some do little hops, and the benefits each has for a style of play or comfort level.

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  5. What kind of string should i use to re string my raquet with?? its a wilson , and i hit mostly flat but use top spin to …..

  6. You make it sound like only women are doing this on the pro tour. There are a ton of ATP two handers who do this as well and successfully slide their non dominant hand to the throat in the unit turn on the FH side.

  7. Jeff, why do you flip your videos? I won't hold it against you that your a sneaky, slice n' dice, slappa da bass, flicka da wrist lefty. 🙂

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