How to Play Tennis With Feel

How to Play Tennis With Feel

You have probably seen a good tennis player warming up or just hitting for fun and wondered how it is possible for him to be so relaxed while still having control of the ball and being able to hit with effortless power.

Most of the times just wanting to be more relaxed while playing tennis doesn’t work so you need to have the right drills to help you want that relaxed state while hitting the ball.

Try the natural swing speed, letting the racquet do the work and releasing at the point of contact and you’ll find that hitting that small yellow ball is way easier than you thought…


  1. yes or no: The concept of "relaxed" in here is actually using leg and core to generate power, instead of using arm and wrist?

  2. Very Very Very useful for me this tips !!! I have no words to describe how you help me to improve so much my game with this video. I had a big problem with contracting my arm when I was hitting and know I can hit so relax and my ball is faster than before…. and safer…  (PS sorry for my english.) 

  3. Very good insight and tips as usual.
    I think most players try to muscle the ball to emulate big hitters like Nadal and Djokovic.
    I know I do. I will work on letting the racquet do some of the work and release more instead of contracting.
    Thank  you.

  4. Is it possible to use these ideas when hitting the slice backhand?  That shot seems more "contracted" than the ones shown and so not subject to the relaxation that may be possible with the ones shown.

  5. I think what you are saying and demonstrating is Brilliant- The game of Tennis is played between the ears – this is an outstanding way of making the game simpler, keep up the great teaching…..

  6. Nice tips on feeling the ball. I specially liked the tip on releasing the racquet. Very good explanation!

  7. Great instruction but you use less kinetic chain which promotes relaxation as your full body accelerates seperately thus reducing arm and hand tension.

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