“How to polish your boots”: A basic guide for Cadets!!

“How to polish your boots”: A basic guide for Cadets!!
How to polish any shoes. A basic guide for anyone!

Hey everyone! So I just made this video to give the level ones in my squadron a basic understanding on how to polish their boots. Obviously anyone else can use this.

Things you’ll need:
Black Shoe Polish
Soft Cloth
Black Poodle sitting beside you (OPTIONAL)

So I hope this video helps you guys get started with your boots!

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My name is Gregory Esman, or in Air Cadets, WO2 Esman, if anyone is wondering


  1. I'm an army cadet from Essex, but in Essex we work with companies, A, B, C and D, now I'm B company. Thanks this is actually really helpful!

  2. will cotton shirt work? i think that's what I used in the Army I can't remember.

    I remember some people polishing their boots with high gloss. Then they would add a layer of floor wax (?) that would give them mirror like finish. the only problem is it goes to shit after it wears off a little

  3. What kind of boots are these? I am from a military family, and have black jump boots, black standard combat boots, and Vietnam Era jungle boots.

  4. I've been taught many ways, and this is by far the most effective AND QUICK way. I'm a police explorer and our officers expect us to look squared away. Our boots are a big part of that. Definitely glad I watched this video. Thanks dude.

  5. If you don't want to get light headed you could also use a hair dryer on low heat just a little tip hope it helps.

  6. OMG Thank you! This helped me so much especially as the CO is very strict about our uniform and we have inspection every few weeks.

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