1. Where do I start? everything that is wrong with this video? No vacuuming! he pushed all the dirt down into the carpet. Please do not saturate the carpet like that ehen you prespray. Then never take a brush and scrub the carpet like that that was the worst unprofessionalism I've ever seen. lazy people don't use there 175. Then when you clean don't hold the trigger down when you go forward it just saturated the carpet more. I would be surprised that this carpet didn't have a bad smell the next day and all the stains wicked backup. Jacob you need to take a course and educate yourself. before cleaning any more carpet.

  2. "How NOT to professionally clean dirty carpets"

    Over wetting, inferior equipment, excessive soap/detergent usage/prespray….

    I can appreciate that you're trying or doing your "best", but maybe take some educational classes prior to making these videos. That way you can properly represent what you think you already are.

  3. just a quick question, why don't you use a guide on the bottom on the wand? we are in the process of buying a truck mount and it just seems that a guide on the bottom of the wand makes it glide better

  4. Don't listen to the haters. But I would suggest that you'll find that hitting the spots that heavily with the prespray will/does drive them deeper into the carpet and makes it harder to extract them. However if you just give them all the extra prespray you want just don't hold the tip closer to the carpet you'll get what you want and won't drive the stain deeper.

    As for your wet stroke forward and backwards… that is exactly how I used to do it and I found that it was way more water down than I needed but it also used a ton of extra chems. Try dry forward and wet backwards just a little slower and on some carpet you will be able to skip the dry stroke depending on the humidity where you live.

  5. Gross. The padding is just going to mold up . Just get new carpet. If you are going to rent.. Just fake it. Do not do padding. Take my tip. If you rent do not put down padding.

  6. You soaked the carpet by over applying the pre spray. Way too much! Now when you do that a percentage of the stain will drop down in to the padding and carpet backing.To add insult to injury you key the wand both directions shooting more water straight down in to the carpet and padding. Now you have a soaking state that will not be removed from your dry strokes. Your video is demonstrating how NOT to hot water extract! What a shame.


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