How to Program the Jog Wheel on Avid Artist Mix and Control

How to Program the Jog Wheel on Avid Artist Mix and Control
Avid’s Artist Mix and Artist Control, (formally the Euphonix Control Series) are highly customizable control surfaces for applications such as Pro Tools, Logic, Final Cut, Davinci Resolve, iTunes, and much much more. Avid Applications Specialist Luke Smith demonstrates how to program the jog wheel on the Artist Control. In this demo, he shows the flexibility now available with the new Eucon support by creating a shortcut for changing the volume in iTunes. If you are looking for more demos on how to utilize your control surface in the most efficient way, check out our other videos in the Artist Series Demos. If you are interested in making your workflow more efficient, please contact the expert engineers at SoundPure for more information on these incredible control surfaces. Call us today at 919.682.5552 or 1.800.528.9703


  1. Hello Sir, can you tell me if is it possible to contro Garageband with Artist Mix.
    I use EUPHONIX MC transport and its OK but I Turn on the Artist Mix and MC transport together and I cant use Artist Mix. Thanks.

  2. @MatrixSaturation No worries, I'm sure that they will get back publicly with more information as they have additional good news to share.

  3. @MatrixSaturation From Avid, apparently they are working on this: "Yes, there are certain default jogwheel modes that conflict when you have both the Artist Control and Artist Transport connected simultaneously. We are working on this functionality and hope to see it implemented into a future software release. Thanks for the feedback and your patience!"

  4. @MatrixSaturation Thanks we are here when you need us, and many things can be shipped out of the country, at great savings to you.

    Avid has been notified of your issue, we will see if there are any simple/quick fixes. If not, the issues have been reported, and they will likely address them in an upcoming release.

  5. @MatrixSaturation This is interesting to hear… We will definitely pass it along to the powers that be at Avid and see what fix there might be for you now. Did you purchase your Transport and Control from us? We can put you directly in touch with the best person (on the planet) for support for this, and put you on the forefront of getting this resolved. Please let us know

  6. @TheShadow1975100 That's no problem at all. If we can ever assist in any of your recording gear, technique, or DAW questions, we will gladly do so!

  7. @TheShadow1975100 Thanks for saying so. At least for these control surfaces, the processor demand is low, so you can get away with a smaller processor. The important thing to confirm is that your OS is compatible with whatever Avid periferals that you will be using. We can help you confirm your system is compatible with whatever piece you are considering adding. As far as running large sessions, virtual instruments, it is a question of how many tracks, and how much processing. Make sense?

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