How to Rabbit-Proof Your Home | Pet Rabbits

How to Rabbit-Proof Your Home | Pet Rabbits

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Speaker 1: So, rabbit-proofing when you live with an indoor rabbit is incredibly important because rabbits can literally kill themselves on household objects, and we want to talk about that a little bit. The biggest danger with having a rabbit indoors is electrical wires and computer wires, and this is what it looks like.

Speaker 2: This is one that I had. I mean, I don’t know. You turn your back for a second. It’s like they know where the cords are, they love computer cords. But this one, you see, and I had no idea. If I had plugged this one, whatever it was to, you know I could’ve really hurt myself. So a good thing to do is, you can get this plastic tubing at your local hardware store and you just use like a blade to cut…

Speaker 1: You can actually use a scissors.

Speaker 2: And then you just fish the cord through here, you know, and fish it through so it’s completely protected. So they might chew the plastic, but that’s OK, it’s protecting the cord.

Speaker 1: And they will still chew the very end of this even when you, there’s some things you just can’t help.

Speaker 2: Right. But this is the fun part, they get a jolt from it. You know? So.

Speaker 1: Yeah, more than a jolt.

Speaker 2: Living with your addictive rabbit.

Speaker 1: Yeah, in the veterinary clinic, as you probably remember, I’m a veterinary technician, and we see rabbits come in to the clinic sometimes with charred mouths. Very sad. The owner will just say ‘My rabbit is not eating anymore, what’s the matter?’. And the first thing I’ll ask them is what does your rabbit have access to? If their rabbit is free range in the house and they haven’t done adequate rabbit-proofing, very often what’s the problem is that the rabbit has chewed an electrical cord and burned its mouth and it’s too painful to eat. So we look in the rabbit’s mouth right away thinking maybe he has a tooth problem, and before you even look at the teeth you can see the burn in the mouth, and that really hurts.

Speaker 2: But you shouldn’t have exposed cords in your house anyway, it’s unattractive. You know? I mean, straight guys do it all the time, you know, you go to their house and there’s cords everywhere, and you’re like ‘geez’. So it looks better anyway when you fish it through and you hide it behind your sofa. But yeah they love cords, telephone cords, any kind of cord. And also baseboards, they love to chew against resistance. So I covered my baseboards with 2×4’s, and just made that the baseboard and painted it to match the wall, but…

Speaker 1: And I covered mine with furring strips and didn’t paint it and now I have all chewed furring strips, which is great. As long as you cover it.

Speaker 2: What are furring strips?

Speaker 1: Furring strips are, well I’m not a construction person, but they’re used, as I understand it, they’re used as like standards on a wall and then you put wallboard on top of them or something like that, don’t hold me to this, but they’re thin pieces of wood, they’re not heavy like 2×4’s.

Speaker 2: OK.

Speaker 1: So it’s easier to handle. And it’s easier to get them on and off the woodwork if you’re working alone just with little nail tacks. It works really, really well.

Speaker 2: And also, whatever you drop on the floor, they’re going to find. Sometimes I get down on the floor and see things at their level and I’ll find needles, I’ll find all kinds of things. They can get in the springs of like, if you have a relaxing…

Speaker 1: A recliner. A recliner, yeah.

Speaker 2: A recliner, they can hide up in the springs of that. Or your bed. What I did was, I had a rabbit that lived up in my springboard.

Speaker 1: Yeah this is not unusual, I don’t allow my rabbits in my bedroom at all anymore, because they can get underneath your bed and they chew the fiberglass covering that’s under your box spring and then they work their way up into the box spring.

Speaker 2: Right.



  1. Great video! We just got a little bunny. Someone left it in a box by the trash. It looks exactly like the one in the video just much smaller. What breed is this? We are in the process of getting it a nice bunny house and everything it needs. Any advice on things that rabbits like in their houses?

  2. What about a carpet my rabbit loves to go to a corner and dig at the carpet I blocked it up but even in the middle of the room she tries eating the carpet what shud I do??

  3. I paint everythıng I dont want my rabbıt to eat wıth that naıl polısh for people who bıte theır naıls. It tastes bad so one bıte and she shakes her head and turns away. It works really well, try ıt!!!

  4. I tacked my cords to the ceiling and put everything chewable 50 cm off the ground. I think it's pretty safe.

  5. My rabbit stays in my room where I have my computer, tv, and such. I put wood around my bed to block off the underside of it so the rabbit cant get under the bed. It's chewed on a few cords but it seems to of learned to not chew on cords anymore. I let it stay out of the cage at night sometimes when i go to bed and it wonders my room perfectly fine without chewing on anything. though it tears the hell out of the dog carrier in my room that it uses as a small den like area or hides on the bottom fo my bookshelf behind a drone box as another den. I removed my movies from the bottom fo my movie rack and it runs through there but doesnt chew on the movies anymore.

    I pretty much rabbit proofed the room as best as its gonna get but the wood concerns me at times as Im unsure if it's good if the rabbit chews on it or not. It nipped at it a few times but doesnt chew on it. Would it hurt the rabbit in any way if it decides to chew on the wood?

  6. I need help i cant find a vet by me for my rabbits. Dos any body know about a vet near riverton Utah for rabbits?

  7. Based on these videos, it is too problematic to have a rabbit. Straw, rabbit proof your house, chewing on carpet and electrical cords—I am already tired just thinking about purchasing a rabbit as a pet.

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