How to Recover Lost Luggage

How to Recover Lost Luggage

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If your suitcase has failed to follow you to the airport, this guide will help you track down your lost luggage before it hits the auction block.

Step 1: Check the other carousels
Check the baggage carousels from other arriving flights. Luggage is sometimes misdirected as it is unloaded and transported.

Use a brightly colored bag, tag, or strap so you can spot your suitcase easier and to aid in locating your lost luggage.

Step 2: Report lost luggage
Report your lost luggage to your carrier’s baggage service office inside the airport as soon as possible. Don’t leave without filing a claim.

Step 3: Keep the checked baggage claim ticket
Keep your checked baggage claim ticket as well as your boarding pass to help supply the airline with tracking information.

Step 4: List contents
Make a detailed list of your luggage’s contents and give it to the airline in case your bag was torn open, stolen, or destroyed.

Do not lie about the contents of your luggage. Federal law will compensate you with a maximum of ,500 for the lost luggage.

Step 5: Hire an aviation attorney
Hire an aviation attorney as a last resort to collect restitution in excess of ,500 or if problems arise in finding your luggage.

Did You Know?
In 2006, 68 pieces of stolen luggage were found in a trash container outside a pet store near George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston.


  1. You say the airline industry has to pay you a maximum of $2,500 if you suitcase is never found. But what if they do find it, and you find something missing out of there?

  2. @heartlesslove1000 What I do is that I tie something to each of my bags. For example, I can use a yellow ribbon and tie to each of my bag handles. That way, I know that these are all my bags.

  3. "68 pieces of stolen luggage were found in a dumpster near George Bush Intercontinental airport"

  4. That "Use a brightly colored….luggage" rule is so wrong. Why? Because if everyone follows that rule then everyone will use one thus, the rule is not effective

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