How to Remove a Tick from a Dog

How to Remove a Tick from a Dog

Along with fleas, ticks can make a dog’s life very miserable. Ticks are actually small parasites which belong in the same category as spiders (arachnids). They latch themselves on to the skin of a mammal using a jagged, toothed stinger and suck blood for sustenance. They are most likely to be found in humid climates, because their development is arrested when temperatures drop.


  1. thanks , I use twizzers , then after I use notix-p powder but  ticks are still there , what to do, ohh one more type of bug I have seen on my dog kind of size of a rice and they scroll very fast and hide in fur, please suggest what to do. VET option is unabalable

  2. It depends on the demeanor of the animal and where the tick is, but to ensure all of the tick comes off you can use a lighted cigarette. Blow hard on the hot end to remove all ash and just hold it close to the tick. It will (not surprisingly) let go immediately. Make sure the hand holding the cig is also rested on the animal so that it is always you rather than any sudden movement of the animal that controls the distance of the cig from the dog/tick. Use the other hand to hold away any hair. The whole thing takes a split second. There is no pulling and tugging etc. The tick just drops off.
    Sometimes just sticking a pin in the tick is enough. You will see a bit of blood from the tick but that is easily mopped up.

  3. actually my dog has ticks and right he has a little fever 🙁 but I went to the doctor right away and thanks for the tips on how to remove ticks :)

  4. how about burning the tick into ashes? whenever i feel a tick on my dog's body, i quickly pull it out and burn them.

  5. ABsolutely the most IDIOTIC WORTHLESS crappy wannabe video!! Give the information on HOW TO DO IT not just "Im going to tell you but first let me explain how bad a tick is. Now, !st, you need to understand how bad a tick is. Then you need to understand that you will need 2 hands and a clear understanding that a tick is bad and needs to be removed. Then …"LAME

  6. There are a lot of ticks where my parents live, so I used to pull ticks off of my dad's dog a couple times a week. My parents used Frontline to keep the fleas and ticks off of him, but when you live in a place with so many ticks, Frontline can't be 100 percent effective.

    I don't know if all of the steps in the video are completely necessary, but rotating the blood sack definitely works. That's the technique that the veterinarian I worked for taught me, and it's worked perfectly every time. I never used tweezers or any other tool, just my bare fingers. I also occasionally encountered the little buggers when I was brushing the dog, before they had burrowed in. I would just pinch them to death. They're not fast burrowers. They survive by stealth.

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