How To Remove Carpet

How To Remove Carpet

Shannon from shows you how to easily remove dirty old carpet. Big tips here include to cut it into smaller pieces to make it easier to carry and dispose of. Be very careful with the tack strips as those little nails are very sharp. Shannon covers carpet removal, underpad, and tack strip removal. Video © 2014 SKS Media.

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  1. you gave me
    Im definitely going to try to remove my master bedroom carpet and do the hardwood floor.

  2. If I have hardwood floors (which will be sanded & refinished) underneath a rug I'm removing, how worried should I be about cutting the hardwood with the utility knife?

  3. i watch a lot of DIY videos and Shannon's are the best. instructions are super clear, very organized. He makes the projects look like super easy to do. Thanks for all the videos!!! keep em coming!

  4. Thank you so much for this video I'm a single 25 year old with a carpet in my living room and bed room that I'm going to be tearing up! I'm feeling great about it and appreciate you going step by step in this video!

  5. Thanks Shannon for your video — this is just what I needed to know.  I liked the tips about the gloves, and trash bin for the staples and tac-strips.  Excellent points about cutting the carpet to reduce weight — I will use your idea to ensure it fits the back of my car so I can take the old carpet to the dump.

  6. Thank you!  I'm doing this on my RV, what a job!!  All those tight corners where carpet was wedged under closet structure, cabinets, and glued in at times.  Nice to see what tools you are using and your technique.

  7. Our carpet was installed after the trim was installed. So we do not need to remove the trim, but the builder glued the perimeter of carpet to the subloor so it will be hard to remove. That is a great idea to cut the carpet. Most municipalities require people to cut carpet into thin strips or the garbage men will not collect it.

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