How to repair laptop motherboards

How to repair laptop motherboards

A free video how to repair laptop motherboards. For laptop, iphone and ipad repairs visit my website at check out my channel for more video how to guides


  1. May I please have your permission to download this video from youtube and play it in my shop front?
    I am looking for presentation videos for my little computer shop and talking points to engage with customers with :)

  2. motherboard broke the joint at the dc jack ,can it be repaired by a non professional . can it be repaired by soldering a wire to it ?

  3. That's flux right? I searched on Google and there isn't any flux that is like a rock, what kind of flux is that? Soldering? Liquid? Pen? Please reply ASAP thanks…

  4. Contemplating whether or not to fix my motherboard by myself or pay dell $740 to fix it for me (2 year warranty included) seems like it's bloody easy

  5. But I can still use soldering iron?,,, my mother board got a 2 burned chips, a little black chips, Can I still fix it?

  6. Can someone help me? I spilled water on my laptop and like 5 minutes later the left side of my screen starts to fade white. Not half of my screen but like a quarter of it. My laptop still works, it's still fast, functions properly and everything. But it's just really annoying. Sometimes it'll fade black, then back to white. And it glitches, and fades out so much to the point where I can't see anything on that side of the screen. What did I do? Did I damage a chip? I have a Windows 8. I just don't wanna spend hundreds and hundreds to fix it. :(

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