How To Replace a Bath Faucet – The Home Depot

How To Replace a Bath Faucet - The Home Depot

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Discover how easy it is to update your faucet fixture. Other topics covered include:
– Faucet options (centerset versus widespread)
– Finish options
– Tools you will need to complete the job, and
– Tips to ensure your DIY installation is a breeze

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  1. I just installed the faucet and everything is fine EXCEPT for the fact that the faucet slides back and forth. I can't physically tighten the plastic nuts. Not sure what to do.

  2. THANX!!! Will do!!! as I have no other choice but 2 GET MY DIY on and replace the faucet as I am POOR and refuse to pay hundreds for someone to do something SO simple. ;)

  3. Where can i get that basin wrench. The ones at home depot dont fit. I cant take that basin screw off. Im about to return my faucet. Please help

  4. First time I have ever done this. This was the clearest & perfect step by step instructions. I will be looking for this man any time I decide to fix anything. He is great. Thank you.

  5. This just gave me a headache.  This is too much.  I think I know I will hire.  I was willing to do it myself but Uff….

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  7. can u do some videos showing people how to replace faucets, spouts, exra.  I have gold color faucets, etc.  I want to replace it with chome or statin nickel finish.  I saw at home depot there are some universal faucet replacement parts, but not too sure how to take the stuff apart.  I saw a universal faucet part for bath tub.  THe type that is one handle for hot and another handle for cold.  Does home depot or anywhere sell the part that the handles go on top of??? It looks like a ring shape piece where you screw the new hand on.   We are selling our house and we don't want to remodel our older remodeled bathroom done most likely around 1988.  Some home remodelers think I cannot replace them.  .I need to remove the culture marble piece and the wall and break into the wall and replace everything.  Sound too expensive and also breaking the culture marble piece along the tube area is an expensive replacement.  It is like $4,000 in the siliconvalley to replace that.   Some bathroom remodeling is only 5,000 depend on material selected.  Any feedback will greatly be appreciated.  If you are in the Siliconvally area, then I will consider hiring you to do the replacement pieces.  

  8. If something goes wrong.. and water damages your house. You risked the price of your house to save a few hundred dollars. I work for an insurance company. It happens! I would rather hire a company instead of risking my house!

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