How to Roll Up Your Sleeves | The Art of Manliness

How to Roll Up Your Sleeves | The Art of Manliness

A quick vid on when and how to roll up your sleeves.


  1. In the Marines we have to roll them a certain way with like a fold so they look tight when they're choking the day lights out of our arms…looks good though if done correctly.

  2. I'm not a native speaker… Is it "gobelet button", "gomelet button"? Google is not correcting me in a helpful way this time…

  3. I have to say, the master roll was the best roll out of the three. But I still going to have to troll you for that mustache.

  4. So basically … the different ways of rolling the sleeves consists of the different length of the roll. Not that big of a deal, there is no technical difference between those 3 ways.

  5. The Master Roll is genius in it's simplicity. whenever I roll up my sleeves nowadays, I always go for that one. Functionality combined with style. What more can you ask for?

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