How to Saber Champagne

How to Saber Champagne

The finer points of sabering a Champagne bottle, that is, opening it by cutting off the end.


  1. Recommend not using large sharp blades to open the second bottle (once the first bottle is consumed). But very cool!!!

  2. maybe you should learn that Sabrage done with a sabre not a kitchen knife. its not about killing a bottle and having champagne on the floor.

  3. This is fine if you're home alone, but around people, do NOT remove the cork cage beforehand. Untwist the wire but DON'T remove the cage. Don't remove all of the foil, only the upper portion. Leave the rest of the foil, scrape a path along the MAIN seam of the bottle up to the neck. Strike along that path with the BLUNT side of the blade, NOT the sharp end. The champagne that pours out will take out any broken glass, and contrary to what some think, the champagne is NOT ruined.

  4. @FlowingGeisha The pressure created by the gases exiting the bottle prevent any glass from falling in. It ruins the champagne though.

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