How To Screen Print: Metallic Transfer Foil On Black T Shirts

How To Screen Print: Metallic Transfer Foil On Black T Shirts

Screenprinting: Learn How To Screen Print Tee Shirts At Home

How To Screen Print: Metallic Transfer Foil On Black T Shirts

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This screen printing educational video goes through a rundown on the printed adhesive and transfer foil effect. Here you will learn about the plastisol foil adhesive and how to screenprint it onto the shirt before applying the foil. The adhesive is printed directly onto the tee shirt and cured in this video. You’ll get to see the shirts go through the oven to cure the printed foil adhesive design and go to the heat press. At the heat press you’ll see the shirts get the metallic transfer foil pressed to the printed foil adhesive. Come along on this fantastic voyage as we learn that some transfer foils do not transfer as cleanly as others. At the end of the video you’ll get to see close up shots of the finished metallic foiled print and hear Jonathan’s thoughts on this particular transfer foil. Learn how to screen print for fun or for profit!

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Intro video and music created by Jonathan at Catspit Productions.

All artwork owned by Catspit Productions, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Copyright 2012.


  1. not sure if its the textile weave showing through the foil at the end, if you printed a base, white etc. under the foil adhesive would the foil have a smoother finish maybe? Can you print the adhesive over printed colors or over white plast..?

  2. Glad to know you and see your video, can i ask when need to heat after finish the printing ? Why not heat press after printing when its wet ? I thought that would achieve better adhesion or not ?

  3. Hello! If you don't have the oven to cure the glue, how long does it take the glue to set just with air drying or with hair dryer/Heat Gun? Thank you! :D

  4. Love the video. Can one do a foil transfer onto a silk blouse? And if so would there need to be any variations to what is on your video?

  5. Can you print foil transfer and another regular plastisol ink? Like make 2 colors foil gold and white. How to do that? Could you please have some video. 

  6. Hi Catspit! was wondering if you could just use plastisol ink itself as the adhesive for the foil. i heard it could be done. are they full of it? thanks.

  7. it is wonderful and it come out great and i pay 60 and 30 for foil they all work just fine as yours did thanks for the video

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