How to sew a Simple Skirt: a single layer AND a double layered skirt

How to sew a Simple Skirt: a single layer AND a double layered skirt

You can sew a simple gathered skirt in 30 minutes or less. It’s that easy!…and cute, and bouncy, and perfect for any age. I’ll show you how to make a single-layered skirt, then we’ll mix it up and sew a double-layered skirt…which is just as easy, but double-y fun!
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– Dana


  1. Hi Dana! I love your videos. I just bought a serger and I would love to have projects to learn to use it. Do you have any?

  2. Just finished the two layer skirt for the neighbor girl. So cute! She loved it-I loved making it as well. Thank you so much for this video! I had never made a two layer skirt so I learned something new-Also never used the bias tape for the hem. It really did make the skirt POP! Empowered:}

  3. muy lindo y fácil apesar de q no te entendí el idioma pues con sólo verlo creo q fue lo suficiente….yo quiero aprender como hacer short para niñas te lo agradecería gracias

  4. Thank you for the videos. I have made about 8 skirts for my daughters. I never thought I could make skirts. I am facing an issue though. The bottom casing folds up from the inside and towards the outside. Could you tell me how to avoid this issue? Thank you.

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