How to shine boots with kiwi polish

How to shine boots with kiwi polish

Step by step instructions of how to shine a boot with kiwi shoe polish. No lighters or tricks(lighters burn the leather and kill it). Only normal materials.


  1. Don't use parade gloss! It cracks way too easily! Especially during winter plus it goes blue when you get it wet after polishing!

  2. It seems to work better for me if I put a few base layers of regular Kiwi polish on first, then put on the parade gloss. Also, coating the boots with Kiwi waterproofing spray seems to make my polish less prone to cracking.

  3. omg thank you so much! i am a first year royal canadian air cadet so i needed to shine my boots but i dident know how. thank you.

  4. dude, parade gloss is bad for your boots… use the plain 'ol kiwi. the parade gloss might work better, but over time, your boots won't be able to be polished as easily

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