How to Shoot a Soccer Ball with Power – Tutorial by freekickerz

How to Shoot a Soccer Ball with Power - Tutorial by freekickerz

How to Kick like Gerrard & Frank Lampard (Driven Power Shot)
Shooting with Instep & Laces – Vollspann Schuss mit viel Kraft
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A couple of key points to a stronger, longer and faster soccer kick.

1) Relax.
Allow your entire body to go limp. Shake it out. Let your head, neck legs and every part of your body relax.
The only part of your body that will have tension is your ankle.

2) Large last stride / loading.
Make your last stride a long “forward hopping” load. Your heel should come close to your behind.

3) Allow your knee to come through first.
This is known as “storing the load”. Your lower leg will form a V shape. Keep that V shape as long as possible and at the last minute let it extent in a WHIPPING motion through the ball.

4) Kick with the big toe knuckle.
Approach the ball from a slight angle. The largest bone in your foot is the first metatarsal which is just above the big toe knuckle. This translates into FORCE or energy at impact.

5) Break the pane.
Pretend that the ball is sitting in front of a large pane of glass. You want to break the pane with your body, not just your leg or foot. This means that your forward momentum should continue through the shot. This will also cause you to land on your SHOOTING foot, not your plant foot.

6) Watch your foot contact the ball.
If you can see your foot strike the ball you are kicking properly. Doing this also keeps your body in a slightly “bent over” position. Straitening up will kill some of the power release.

To prove this point to younger players you should have them start VERY close to the goal. Have them move back little by little WITHOUT changing their kicking effort. When you see them “forcing” their shot, have them move back very close and feel the loose shot again a few times. Then have them move back out to a far point and use the same “close kick”. Both of you will be amazed.

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  1. I'm having trouble with giving the ball some height and better aim. Please suggest from what part of the foot should I kick the ball.

  2. This still doesint help. Nothing not even videos help me get the ball in the air. When they show in slow mo or when they show how to kick it, it looks way different when they kick without slo mo. I really suck:( they make it look easy

  3. Vielleicht solltet ihr auch mal Schuhgrößen nennen. Mit Größe 45 hab ich überhaupt keine Chance den Ball mit dem Spann zu treffen. Es sei ich knick mit dem Standbein extrem weg und winkel das Schußbein extrem ein. Dabei bekommt der Ball aber eher einen Drall anstatt mit voller Kraft gerade zu fliegen.

  4. can you make a video on toe poking because I am really good at shooting but I have noticed lately that my shoots have been a bit off

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