How to sing fast vocal runs!

How to sing fast vocal runs!

Learn how to sing vocal runs, those lightning fast tumbles and embellishments. This is a simple, sing-a-long approach that’ll have you singing a run in five minutes. More here:

If you want to learn how to sing riffs and runs, work on vocal flexibility and as well as your ear. We’ll cover both in this singing lesson.

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  1. I hope you can do a video on ascending fast vocal runs. Because I feel that riff up is much harder than riff down. Thank you.

  2. So…i could o this about two years ago BUT, I've been a fan of Ariana Grande (since 2009 but that doesn't matter) and i started to see that she moved her jaw every time she did this so i thought it was a good thing,but now i know is not,so now i can't help moving my jaw every time i try to do it…how can i change that?

  3. My problem is it still sounds sloppy, the notes aren't as dissociated as I wish they were. Do I just keep practicing because that's my problem for every run. Like Christina Aguilera (sorry for the very obvious reference) does runs where every note is so tong and so incredibly spot on dissociated from the others that you hear them all perfectly and yet so fast. Can you get that type of dissociation from your practice video if we do it every day? Thks!

  4. important Question!
    Any suggestions on best Placement? and where you should feel the sound
    in order to do RiFF's the best?

    We should only be doing these from our vocal cords right?!

    sometimes it's hard to get the vocal cords to move this quickly on there own without any help… which is why people make weird movements when doing them…

    Sometimes i think of swallowing air…
    other times i try to resonate the sound in my nose or front of face..

    Let me know if any of this sounds right..!?

  5. I FINALLY FOUND A CHANNEL THAT HELPS!!! I JUST WANNA CRY!!! btw if i practice this an our a so a day.. how long would it take me to sound really good?

  6. I think it's because everyone tries to explain it in their own way. But to actually see if visually definitely makes more connections with the brain therefore having more success in doing these runs. Seeing it visually definitely makes it easier on the brain .

  7. WOW! very helpful! i have a question pleaaase answer.. why is it when im using falsetto its MUCH easier for me to do runs but using my regular one its so hard.. :(

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