How To Sing In Head Voice – Singing Tips For How To Sing And Build Your Head Voice (Part 1)

How To Sing In Head Voice - Singing Tips For How To Sing And Build Your Head Voice (Part 1)

How To Sing In Head Voice – Learn about How To Sing In Head Voice like all your favorite famous singers.

How To Sing In Head Voice Review

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  1. This video really helps because im a young singer (11 yrs old) and im not as good as I can get right now you know, I haven't learned how to really work my voice yet- and this will definitely help me work my voice

  2. everyone keeps on saying to produce an owl sound, but how do you actually do it???your giving instructions to someone who already has the muscle memory to do such sound

  3. I can sing a full song using falsetto…. I don't know if that's my head voice…… Or its falsetto…?? If that's my head voice I think that's to weak….. I am 17 (male)

  4. I don't even know what It is that I am doing but there is something I do with my voice that I can get my voice from g#4 to c#7 I don't feel vibrating in my chest so I don't think it's chest voice but I don't feel vibrating in my head so I don't think its head voice and I cant even sing in head voice

  5. This video is not exactly what I was looking for-however I was hoping if anyone knows a video-or a way I could achieve singing like I do in my head-because the sound in my head I really pretty-but when I record myself it doesn't sound as good! Someone please help if at all possible! Thx!

  6. that is what I keep telling people, that anyone can learn to sing with the right practices. most people feel as though you got to born with the talent and that's where they are dead wrong, for that's one natural talent that everyone is born with, but you just got to work on it if singing is something you want to do, but if you passion is else where then you gonna have the option that its a talent that you got to born with. I practice singing everyday and I just keep getting better at it, at first wasn't a fan of music nor singing and I coulnt even sing one bit, then I started to listen music and became more and more fund of it to the point where I got inspired to write my own songs and sing them and I got a lot of vocal teniques from YouTube and they helping me a lot and singing is a great thing that gives you a wonderful feeling when you doing it properly.

  7. When I try to use head voice I don't feel my chest vibrating but I also don't feel my head vibrating so does that mean its falsetto PLEASE ANSWER I NEED HELP

  8. I feel i.have limited falsetto and have to sing loud with heaps of air to hit notes in such songs as sugar by maroon 5 , yet some non singers seem to hit high notes without effort, is it a born thing , are some peoples vocal cords different lengths enabling higher notes ,
    ????? Please help, im sure there is an effortless way to sing high, and consistantly
    I just havent found it 

  9. i know how to sing in my head voice and i always was able to sing with my head voice…
    but now it feels like a would have a frog in my throat when i go into my head voice.
    so i can't make a sound in my head voice… otherwise it would only squeak and it would feel like it would damage my voice.
    i have this since around a year now. 
    is it possible that my voice mutation is the reason for that?

  10. How do I sing in falsetto? People say falsetto is a whistle like airy sound but no matter what I do I cant make an airy whistle sound unless I make it airy on purpouse

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