How to Sing in Tune

How to Sing in Tune

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  1. I sing with a voice of Patsy Cline twist of Janis Joplin Amy winehouse very unique I think you could really help me with my pitch I'd love a lesson!! awesome video!

  2. Oh hey! Well this is an interesting take on it all. But, have you investigated – the SonaVoyce Complete Singing System program (Have a quick look on GOOGLE – cannot remember the place now)? I have heard some beautiful things about it. My father in law got exceptional progress in getting rid of losing trades with it. I will start it myself this weekend.

  3. I'm so happy that you are sharing this information. So many singers are discouraged about this, especially with the popularity of American Idol. You rock!

    If you guys would like an audio voice lesson in addition to the great info in Mr. Burnley's video for easy on the go singing, please feel free to subscribe to my Podcast…there are some awesome audio voice lessons.
    Subscribe, or download the Episodes specifically for warm-ups. In the vocal range of men or women. Episodes 3, 4, 9, and 10.

  4. if i could afford it i would most certainly invest in it. but till then. hopefully these vids will help. thanks you Mr.Burnley

  5. i would love to have you for a teacher, you helped me. I used to be in the choir and the next year when i tried out and messed up one note she (the choir director didn't let me in. I thought I lost my voice until today, thank you for posting these videos

  6. This is so awesome. thank you Mr. Burnley. I would love to get your program first chance I get. This very kind of you to help those of us less fortunate but who love to sing and want to perfect their skill. I love to sing, and I'm not young but I see that this program help those who still have hope to sing better. God bless you and your program sales.

  7. at various times, i have spoken to two different people who heard me sing at a jam session, both were music teachers, one said i was tone deaf, but the other told me there is no such thing as tone deaf, and i just needed to train my ears. even professionals seem to have differing opinions, that's why i'm loathe to spend more cash on signing lessons, as how do you know who to trust, would they just take my cash, even though they don't think i've got any chance of improvement. seems you just have to take a chance.

  8. This guy is plagiarizing and using the work of Seth Riggs – even the recording of the Piano is from Seth Riggs – Not cool dude….

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