How To Ski Tips – A Dominant Leg

How To Ski Tips - A Dominant Leg

When learning how to ski do you find one turn is easier than the other? In this quick lesson, ski instructor Darren Turner ( ) gives you a quick tip that might help balance out your skiing.

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Remember that these skiing videos are not designed to replace on-slope ski instruction with a qualified ski instructor, but to be used as a supplement to help reinforce the topics and help you learn how to ski better.

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  1. Is this the same technique as Harald Harb teaches with PMTS where you lift and edge your right ski (outside/little toe edge) to turn right and lift/edge left ski to turn left?

  2. We've been watching your Ski School series getting ready for a trip to Keystone in a few weeks. Thank you for the great tips!

  3. I have been having trouble maintaining form on steeper slopes. seem to lose the "flow" once I'm out of my comfort zone and can't figure out how to keep parallel turns going…

  4. I think your videos are brilliant. I'm having this problem, I'll give it a go tomorrow. So simple. Fantastic tutoring!

  5. Good to see you back with a nice tip again, i was able to progress from bunny hills to black diamond slopes, just by learning tricks/tips from your videos. Now i am able to skiing like i know what i am doing. You really kicked off a ski fever again ;)

  6. +Elate Media could you make a video on ski types and how to choose a good ski? I want to buy a more piste oriented ski coming season having used freestyle skis for years, and all the different types (race, slalom etc) are confusing. Thanks!

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