How To Ski Tips – Skiing With Confidence

How To Ski Tips - Skiing With Confidence

Learning how to ski confidently is an important skill. Confidence is something that skiers of all levels have to deal with as there are often conditions and obstacles that may challenge us. In this quick lesson, ski instructor Darren Turner ( ) takes a look at a few tactics that might just help your skiing.

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Remember that these skiing videos are not designed to replace on-slope ski instruction with a qualified ski instructor, but to be used as a supplement to help reinforce the topics and help you learn how to ski better.

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  1. This really helps!I found that, having fallen and hurt my side the day before, I was really tense and skiing really badly the next day. In fact, it was hurting my side even more. When I took a few deep breaths and let my muscles relax, I skied better, felt mor confident, and my side loosened up nicely.Top videos!

  2. Can you help me i have 1 problem.I am not confident to ski on a sharp downhill i get the feeling that I'm going to go very fast and lose control but i want to try what do i do?

  3. Meerkat! Best description ever! I totally do that! You make great videos, I really enjoy them. Cheers from Big Sky, Montana!

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