How To Ski Tips – Standing Up After A Crash (Beginners Lesson)

How To Ski Tips - Standing Up After A Crash (Beginners Lesson)

If you’re learning ‎how to ski or if you’ve got friends having a go then this quick tip might just save the ski holiday. We all fall over and the sooner we’re back on our feet the better. So in this quick lesson we get ski instructor Darren Turner ( ) to talk you through how to stand up after a crash and get skiing again.

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Remember that these skiing videos are not designed to replace on-slope ski instruction with a qualified ski instructor, but to be used as a supplement to help reinforce the topics and help you learn how to ski better.

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  1. Is this the best way to get up if you fall on flat ground too? I always seem to slide forward when I try to push from my poles.

  2. Nice video. This could be also perfect opportunity to explain how to hold poles and how to get your hands into straps so that you won't suffer needless finger injury by accident. Anyways, excellent series.

  3. Will you show us a recover from a fall when at least one ski pops out? I had a little spill yesterday and been studying my Go pro video of my recovery. I got myself up but not as stylish as you have ;)

  4. Also, remember to look over your shoulder up the mountain for oncoming skiers or snowboarders before you set off. He does it, but doesn't mention it.

  5. YAY Darren is back!!! can't wait to see the instruction videos these year. Love this channel and your great approach to teaching. Thanks for all the information.

  6. Love your videos! Do you have any recommendations for controlling speed? I have been on two ski holidays& my lack of control petrifies me!!! Thanks Jess

  7. I hope you're okay after that nasty spill! ; ) seriously though, excellent information. I see so many people on the slopes get into more trouble after going down simply because they don't "sort" themselves and take a moment to get their bearings. As an advanced skier ( your videos are helping me achieve expert level) I still enjoy watching the beginner tutorials as a simple refresher. Never stop learning and relearning. Bon ski !!

  8. You have extremely good videos! These videos are very helpful for all levels of skiers. I have a small request though. Can you do a video on how to do crouch turns and the body position for crouching?

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