This video was taken to give guidance on MY boot shining process. I hope it helps you out. Please leave a comment that may help someone else. Share this video with your shipmates, troops, friends…


  1. When I was active I never really knew the correct process, they would be alright but never great like others had….that was before youtube.

  2. I attended a 4 year full military academy. A properly spit shined boot should look like patent leather. This is a good start. Our technique used kiwi polish, water and a linen handkerchief taking several hours to bring the boots up to required shine. A light touch helps and we used continuous light circles with the handkerchief pulled tightly over the finger tips with
    a little polish and water at a time. Easier with the boots off. Also harder to explain than demonstrate. After all the time learning to spit shine, it became a useless skill in the rice paddies in Vietnam……..

  3. so in the us troops only the top of the shoe must be clean and shiny and about the rest of the boot no fuck is given

  4. I'm having a problem with the polish chipping off. Is it because i dont have enough layers of norma polish before i use the parade gloss? Or that i use too much of the parade gloss?

  5. Is there a reason why you don't shine the entire boot this way? Can it be done over the entire boot?

  6. Kiwi polish sucks! I only use Lincoln Wax. As far as the water, I've found long ago that using a spray bottle to put water in and lightly spraying the boot after polishing with a brush is the best.

  7. Of all the videos I've seen on shoe shining, yours is definitely the best shine I've seen and in record time. That kangaroo hi gloss polish just killed it

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