How to start business in India: Documentation, cost and regulations for starting a company in India

How to start business in India: Documentation, cost and regulations for starting a company in India

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Watch this video to find out:
1) What are the different options for setting up a business in India
2) How to set up a new business
3) what is proprietary company
4) what is a partnership company
5) what is a limited liability partnership in India (LLP in India)
6) What is a private limited company
7) what is a public limited company
Mr Subramani, CEO of Total Strategic Solutions talks about various options for setting up anew company, cost of setting up a new company, legal requirements and how much time it takes to set up a new company

Total solutions provides services for incorporating companies in India, managing statutory compliance, outsourced accounting, audit, tax filing and payroll to small and medium companies in India. It has offices in Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Mysore and Pune.

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  1. Good one.
    When you say promoters, who are they?and how can one approach them? what are the basic requirements/documents that are required to approach them?

  2. Did he say 2250/- for partnership company as registeration? After that we are good to go?Or we need more money for other legal requirements?

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  7. Great Knowledge Sir, I just wish that you could give some more insight into how to go about the whole business set-up in our country, none the less AWESOME WORK !!! and thankyou 🙂

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