How to STOP Leash Pulling: TEACH Your DOG To WALK PERFECT on a Leash

How to STOP Leash Pulling: TEACH Your DOG To WALK PERFECT on a Leash

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This week’s video is a special one! My latest addition to the subject of humane, pleasant, leash walking will show you what to do when your dog stops paying attention due to distraction on a walk. Eva and her labradoodle puppy Boudreaux are youtube subscribers of mine who live in San Diego and wanted to get together for a video while she was visiting New Orleans! Boudreaux is doing exceptional for her age and it’s clear that Eva spends a lot of time with her, BUT when he’s distracted he doesn’t listen as well as she’d like.

Does your dog respond to you when distracted?

How to teach your dog to leave something alone:

How to Teach Your Dog to Look at You:

Does your dog pull and/or bite and jump when you attempt to take a walk? Watch this video:


  1. My 2 months old Rottweiler starts to chew whatever comes on his way..and leash pulling of course..!!
    Pls give tips on that.. and if possible make a video with a Rot :)

  2. my biggest problem is, if my dog finds anything like a pinecone he starts pulling towards it, if theres a person he starts trying to run towards them? any tips?

  3. hi, i wrote you a message on your facebook with a complex issue, hopefully it id not get moved to spam. Adrena

  4. This is perfect!!! Kona (4yrs) is too curious and wants to see and sniff everything. Now if I can keep her from eating everything…

  5. Hi. Im in a dilemma about buying a dog. I love German Shepherd and Labrador Retriever. I want to know which of these is the best and easiest one for training. Please reply

  6. I have a beautiful ten-week old miniature schnauzer who has been really easy to crate train and teach basic commands like sit and come, but he hates walking on the lead. He doesn't pull on it; he just sits down and refuses to budge. Any amount of tugging on the leash makes this worse so I have stopped even the gentlest tugs. He doesn't seem to respond to treats during these moments. If I crouch down and say come he usually will (sometimes he won't) but I have to repeat this every minute or two and it makes walking a choir. Once we finally reach the park we have fun; he will play and chase me around. If I let go of the leash entirely he will follow me around all over the place without a problem but I don't feel comfortable walking around the streets like that. Do you have any suggestions on what I should do to help him think walking is fun or will he just grow out of this when he is older. I do understand that he is very little and going on walks is new to him. I've only had him for a little over a week and I don't want to get off to a bad start training him.

  7. So in your video you talked about how if you had a puppy/new dog that our expectations had to be low. Does that mean you can walk your dog and let them explore (aka not walk well on a leash) until they're older and ready to be trained, or is that teaching them bad habits that you'll then have to break? (We adopted a 8 month old husky/australian shepherd mix earlier this week who obviously wasn't leash trained)

  8. My puppy refuses to walk! She'll put the brakes on and then with a lot of encouragement, she'll walk the distance to me and then stop again.

  9. How do you stop your dog from excessing sniffing.  Lilo walks really good with me, but when he picks an odor he gets obsess with it and I have to tap him in the butt and pulling the leash with vocal commands "no" to brake the trance.  He sees another dog and he gets to happy, jumping in the air and pulling the leash to play.  I need to stop this action before he can pass his AKC CANINE GOOD CITIZEN Test.  I've been following you for over a year and thank you for he could have been worse, but he is a good dog and listen well when he wants too.

  10. As soon as my dogs realize that I have any type of food in my hand in order to train them they are both pawing at me, walking around me, and won't stop snifffing. They don't want to listen to me they focus on the food and nothing else. What do I do?

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