How to Swim Faster Freestyle . . . By Decreasing Drag

How to Swim Faster Freestyle . . .  By Decreasing Drag This entertaining freestyle swimming technique video shows you how to swim faster. The quickest way to increase your swimming stroke speed and freestyle technique is by learning how to decrease drag and inefficiency and not by increasing power. The drills and instructions shown can be used whether you are coaching, preparing for triathlon swimming, improving your swim stroke or just learning to swim. An efficient swim technique for crawl swimming begins and ends with proper body position, streamlining and balance.
Learning swim efficiency techniques requires incorporating swimming awareness in swimming drills and workouts. The examples of bad swimmers juxtaposed with examples of good swimmers will help you see how to improve your own crawl technique. Freestyle swim. Monterey, CA


  1. This video is supposed to be for people who want to swim freestyle better, but anyone that actually competes already should know everything in this video.

  2. Great video and teacher!! I really appreciate the humour and the land shark 🙂  I'm trying everything to speed up my crawl……thanks again!!!!

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