How to Swim : How to Survival Float

How to Swim : How to Survival Float

The survival float requires swimmers to float on their stomach with the face in the water to conserve energy. Learn to survival float with tips from a swimming instructor in this free video swim lesson.

Expert: Phillip Toriello
Bio: Phillip Toriello has been a competitive swimmer, a surfer, a lifeguard, a swim instructor and a junior lifeguard instructor.
Filmmaker: Patrick Eaves


  1. can't you pass out if you repeatedly switch between gasping for air and holding your breathe under water like that? lol

  2. So fucking stupid, you can't scream for attention. Can't see if they are possible means to reach land/some floating item, people, and other stuff.

    I float on my back. I've learned to do that a long time ago, in a relaxing way.

  3. i don't know how to float and stay up above the water when im in 5 ft. can somene teach me I can't find it on YouTube

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